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Almadian Architecture And Construction Company Is The Only Architectural Firm Which Was Established In 2008 By Alhaj Diplom Eng.Atiqullah Omar And Alhaj Diplom Eng.Karimullah Omar. Furthermore, It Was Registered In The Same Year Through AISA (Investment Services Agency). Professional Engineers Could Provide At Its First Time Establishment The Outstanding And Salient Services In The Area Of Modern Remark Together With Founding Of Facilities For Its Citizens. Furthermore, It Has Magnificent And Remarkable Advancement, After The Establishment Of Its Headquarters In Kabul, So Other Branch Offices Have Also Been Opened Outside Of The Country Such As: UAE And Peshawar City Of Pakistan And Initiated Its Further Activities Over There As Well. It Has Been The Only First Company In Afghanistan Considering The Problems Of Its People. In Addition To, It Does Not Only Supply Services In The Area Of Architecture, Maps, Drawings, Designing, Structure, Water Energy Supply And 3-D View Of Sawed Short Buildings, And It Has Acquired The Contentment Of The People In Really Short Time, And It Is Able To Provide The Maps And Drawing Of High Buildings Such As: 24 Story Buildings. Finally, It Is Preparing The Plans Of Residential Towns, Social Parks, Warehouses, Sports Ground, Swimming Pools And Other Facilities For Its People.

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Almadina Architecture And Construction Company With Having National And International Designers Is Capable To Provide You The Best Type Of Interior 3-D Plans, Designs And Various Sort Of Decoration According Your Choice And Designing Facilities Of The Company. Our Team Of Talented Designers With More Than 10 Years Experience In AutoCAD, 3-D Rendering And 3-D Animation, So It Offers The Best Quality And Competitive Rates. Moreover, Almadina Handles A Wide Array Creativity And Technology Solution Services. Furthermore, Our Team Has The Skills And Experience To Transform Your 2-D Drawings, Cad Plans Or 3-D Model Files Into Photo.

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